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Seminaire: Le Defi de l’Organisation d’Elections Justes et Tranparentes : Perspectives Americaines et Ouest Africaines Seminaire, 19 juillet au WARC-Dakar

Sunday, July 17th, 2011

La West African Research Association et le Centre de Recherche Ouest Africain (WARA/WARC), en collaboration avec le Mouvement Citoyen et dans le cadre du Trans-Saharan Elections Pro gram (TSEP) mis en œuvre par l’Université de Floride (Gainesville) sur financement du département d’Etat américain, vous convient à un séminaire qui s’ouvre le Mardi 19 à 9 heures précises au WARC.

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Call for Papers: Peacemaking in West Africa: Historical Methods and Modern Applications

Friday, July 31st, 2009

While conflict situations in Africa have received significant scholarly and media attention in recent decades, less attention has been paid to the long tradition of peacemaking that kept its societies in peaceful equilibrium. This conference seeks to examine successful handling of potential conflicts that have been resolved in their early stages, as well as the range of ancient, historic and contemporary tools for mediation. WARA/WARC invites proposals on traditional and contemporary methods of avoiding and resolving conflicts in the past and the present.

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