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Call for Papers (2nd): Perspectives of Peace and Statebuilding in Africa

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

Since early 2000s peace- and statebuilding interventions have attracted increasing academic focus. From then on, a number of extensive studies have emerged dealing with different aspects of peace- and statebuilding ranging from more general and theoretical analyses to more specific thematic and case study approaches. Due to the focus and nature of external intervention, a number of cases particularly in Africa, including Liberia, Sierra Leone, and South Sudan, have become emphasized. Some studies have argued that although African states specifically have been subjected to wide-ranging external interventions for a long period of time, peace- and statebuilding provide a distinct, or at least greatly transformed, approach by the external actors. This panel explores perspectives of peace- and statebuilding broadly defined, including distinct viewpoints to the processes producing new political and economic realities. It welcomes contributions from all aspects of peace- and statebuilding, with particular interest in the interaction between the external protagonists and local actors and forces as well as impact of these interventions.

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