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CFP: Tea in the Sahara: Exploring Shifting Ethnic Subjectivities on the Saharan Frontier (African Studies Association)

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

This panel asks who are the people of the Sahel (on both sides of the Sahara) and how do they understand their locality as an everyday lived experience. Do they consider themselves to be part of cohesive ethnic groups, or do they conceive of themselves based upon other categories (language, race, etc.)? And how does their quotidian experience allow for the production of groups like al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb? This topic also requires us to ask whether the categories that we, as scholars, use to talk about people in this region are worthwhile. Do they reflect distinctions that people on the ground agree with? Or do they contribute to simplifying complex social phenomena and ultimately help to perpetuate violence?

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CFP: Migration and Intercultural Identities in Relation to Border Regions, 27-29 May 2010

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

Migration is a rich and controversial field, relevant for current political, sociological and media debates. In a globalized world, characterized by increasing cultural diversity and societal complexity, discussions about migration, integration, assimilation and (inter)cultural identity, call for a nuanced and in-depth discussion of the way in which people with different cultural backgrounds (try to and have to) live together and shape their cultural self-understanding. A comprehensive and thorough insight in these matters asks for a study of their long term development, and thus for a multifaceted historical perspective. The acknowledgment of this necessity forms the starting point and scientific backbone of the conference.

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