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Cfp: Communities responding to conflict: Social change and cultural production incontemporary conflict settings (AAA 2009)

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

Contemporary conflicts produce zones of war, violence, displacement, and resettlement in which social relations, livelihoods, and community structures undergo transformations. Forms of identity are disrupted and reconfigured within families, ethnicities, and nations. In short or long-term conflict situations, actors also demonstrate flexibility, innovation, and solidarity by strategically employing sociocultural resources in response to emerging community needs and changing realities. Community leaders and international actors, including governments, civil society, and humanitarian aid organizations, often seek to seek to influence and shape those responses on local and global scales. This panel examines the ways in which conflict and post-conflict settings engender new forms of social organization, participation, cultural production and communication and the broader implications of these adaptive strategies for communities living with and recovering from recent experiences of conflict.

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