Call for Papers: “Saharan Identity”

13 September 2016

Call for Papers for a panel for the the 2017 African Literature Association and New York African Studies Association meetings, as well as a special issue of CELAAN : Revue du Centre d’Études des Littératures et des Arts d’Afrique du Nord. This panel will employ a broad definition of “identity” welcoming submissions on a variety of Saharan topics including the following: literature on the Sahara from writers in any of the dozen “Saharan countries”; literal or metaphorical uses of the Sahara in African or other literatures; Saharan travel literature of any source (African, European, Asian, et al.); cartography and the Sahara; landscape and identity in the Sahara; visual arts and the Sahara; film and the Sahara; movement-mobility and identity including migration to Europe, migration among Saharan countries, nomadism, transhumant pastoralism, sedentism, oasis life, trucking, caravans, and effects of the Sahara on movement in the Sahel; tourism and identity in the Sahara; gender-race-ethnicity-class-sexuality and identity in the Sahara; the role of history in Saharan identities; community and “identity spaces” in the Sahara; slavery and the Sahara; peace and/or violence and the Sahara; imperialism and the Sahara; the Sahara and Pan-Africanism; the Sahara in relation to another region (e.g., North Africa, West Africa, Central Africa, East Africa); neoliberalism and the Sahara; the Sahara in a global context; religion-spirituality and the Sahara; wellness and the Sahara; Nature and identity in the Sahara; “Saharan music”; micro- or macro-ethnographic studies on people living in or around the Sahara; the Sahara as relevant to any of the specific themes of the 2017 ALA conference at Yale: .

Papers accepted for this panel will be invited to submit essays for a special “Sahara and Identity” edition of CELAAN (The Review of the Center for the Studies of the Literatures and Arts of North Africa / Revue du Centre d’Études des Littératures et des Arts d’Afrique du Nord).

To meet the 15 November 2016 proposal deadline for the 2017 ALA conference, please submit your paper title and short (200-300 word) description by 10 November 2016 to

Proposals for panel presentations in English will be preferred, but papers in French or English will be equally welcomed for the special “Sahara and Identity” edition of CELAAN. Please note that you must be a member of the African Literature Association to present at the conference. The deadline for submission to CELAAN will be announced in August 2017.

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