CFP: Impact of the North African Revolutions on Sub-Saharan Africa

17 July 2011

AfriMAP invites submissions of papers on the impact of the events in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya on governance in sub-Saharan Africa.

Among the different approaches that could be adopted are analyses of:

* Possible impacts of the changes in North Africa on the democratization processes in sub-Saharan Africa

* Events in a particular country or several countries in sub-Saharan Africa (e.g. Uganda? Zimbabwe? Angola? Burkina Faso?) showing how activists and politicians have explicitly referred to the north African revolutions as inspiration for their own actions.

* The extent to which the conditions that brought about the North African revolutions exist in sub-Saharan African countries.

* How the events in Libya in particular may affect its historical role in shaping discourse on governance in the Sahel and elsewhere in Africa and in the African Union.

* The impact of these events on the AU and the regional integration project (is the United States of Africa dead in the water – or could it be strengthened?)

* The potential or actual role of AU institutions in seeking to resolve or support the conflicts and reforms underway.

* The way in which the changes of government in Tunisia and Egypt may impact on the interpretation of the concept of ‘unconstitutional changes of government’ as defined in the Declaration on the Framework for an OAU Response to Unconstitutional Changes of Government adopted in 2000, and the African Charter on Democracy Elections and Governance (for background, see the paper by Chidi Odinkalu, on the AfriMAP website at

in French at

* The role of religious-based organisations in the North African revolutions may impact the way in which sub-Saharan African religious groupings see their role in politics.

* The impact of the events on sub-Saharan migrants and asylum seekers in those countries.

* What these events say about the link between economic growth and political/democratic development.

The deadline for submissions is 31 July 2011.

Our objective is to encourage and promote new thinking and debate on issues that AfriMAP is exploring through its research. We are particularly keen to encourage submissions based on primary sources, personal research and innovative thinking. Papers are accepted in English, French and Portuguese, up to 2,000 words in length, and those selected will be published on our website. Winners will receive an honorarium of US$250.
See the Guidelines on Call for Papers for further details on submitting a paper.

The winning papers from our previous calls for papers are available on the AfriMAP website. If you would like to contact AfriMAP for advice on topics for your paper, please email us at or at

Submission Deadline: 31 July 2011


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