CFP: Beyond Methodological Nationalism: Researching Transnational Spaces, Cross-Border Diffusion, and Transnational Histories – Bielefeld 04/10

9 October 2009

Bielefeld Graduate School in History and Sociology;
Conveners: Devrimsel D. Nergiz (Bielefeld University, BGHS),
Dr. Anna Amelina (Bielefeld University, Centre on Migration, Citizenship and Development, COMCAD)
22.04.2010-23.04.2010, Bielefeld
Deadline: 30.12.2009

The criticism of methodological nationalism has opened up new ways to conduct research on global and transnational dynamics. Nowadays, the common methodological statement is that societal spaces cannot be regarded as equal to territorial spaces. Prominent methodological proposals are suggested by the global ethnography approach, the cosmopolitan theory, and the transnational approach. While the first combines large-scale ethnography with detailed examinations of everyday life, the second proposes to conduct research simultaneously on different spatial scales, such as global, transnational, national, and local dimensions. And the third, the transnational approach, refers to relational concepts of spatiality. Thus, this conference will link debates on new methodological approaches with the discussion of problematic issues within empirical research on global and transnational transformations.

Submissions of Proposed Papers Submissions of short (250-500 words) abstracts are invited (for eventual presentation of papers that are no more than 3000 words). Please e-mail your abstract and a short biographical outline to the conference organizer, Devrimsel D. Nergiz ( by 30 December 2009.

Accepted paper givers will be informed by 15 January 2010. Fully written papers must be submitted by 1 April 2010. We are able to pay for accommodation (but not travel expanses) for those participants whose paper is accepted.

Expected Outcomes
The conference aims to publish the selected papers in a volume at Palgrave Macmillan.

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