Call for manuscripts: Palgrave series in African borderlands

27 August 2009

African borderlands are among the continent’s most creative and most rapidly changing social spaces. Borderlands are the theatre for identity formation and cultural exchange, for violent conflicts and regional integration, for economic growth and sudden stagnation, for state building and state failure. Because their unique position at the margins of two (or more) social and legal spaces offers more flexibility to social actors, borderlands reflect changes on the national level more quickly and more radically than most inland places. This turns borderlands into hotspots of social activity and, on an academic level, into ideal places to study social, political and economic change. In the African context, they are relatively under-studied. African Borderlands is the first series dedicated to the empirical exploration and theoretical interpretation of African borderlands. It contributes to core debates in a number of disciplines – namely political science, geography, economics, anthropology, history, sociology and law – and provides vital insights into practical politics surrounding border-related issues, ranging from migration and regional integration to conflict resolution and peace building.

The series is connected to ABORNE, the African Borderlands Research Network, and the homonymous networking programme financed by the European Science Foundation (ESF). All interested scholars, regardless of whether or not they are network members and/or are Europe-based, are invited to submit proposals. We are looking for monographs and edited volumes that make contributions to our factual and theoretical understanding of African borderlands, based on empirical research and related to the existing literature in the field. We especially welcome
comparative work and studies that use specific borderlands to address more general issues of borderlands research.

Please do not submit full manuscripts, but send proposals organized along the attached outline. The editors will try to decide on the proposal within four weeks; if the decision is positive, we will ask for submission of the full manuscript, which will be sent to two external reviewers. However, we encourage potential authors to contact us at an early stage of writing, even if the manuscript is not yet ready for review.

For more information, please contact the series editors:
Gregor Dobler, Basel (
William F.S. Miles, Boston (
Paul Nugent, Edinburgh (


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