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Call for Papers: “Saharan Identity”

Tuesday, September 13th, 2016

Call for Papers for a panel for the the 2017 African Literature Association and New York African Studies Association meetings, as well as a special issue of CELAAN : Revue du Centre d’Études des Littératures et des Arts d’Afrique du Nord. This panel will employ a broad definition of “identity” welcoming submissions on a variety of Saharan topics including the following: literature on the Sahara from writers in any of the dozen “Saharan countries”; literal or metaphorical uses of the Sahara in African or other literatures; Saharan travel literature of any source (African, European, Asian, et al.); cartography and the Sahara; landscape and identity in the Sahara; visual arts and the Sahara; film and the Sahara; movement-mobility and identity including migration to Europe, migration among Saharan countries, nomadism, transhumant pastoralism, sedentism, oasis life, trucking, caravans, and effects of the Sahara on movement in the Sahel; tourism and identity in the Sahara; gender-race-ethnicity-class-sexuality and identity in the Sahara; the role of history in Saharan identities; community and “identity spaces” in the Sahara; slavery and the Sahara; peace and/or violence and the Sahara; imperialism and the Sahara; the Sahara and Pan-Africanism; the Sahara in relation to another region (e.g., North Africa, West Africa, Central Africa, East Africa); neoliberalism and the Sahara; the Sahara in a global context; religion-spirituality and the Sahara; wellness and the Sahara; Nature and identity in the Sahara; “Saharan music”; micro- or macro-ethnographic studies on people living in or around the Sahara; the Sahara as relevant to any of the specific themes of the 2017 ALA conference at Yale: .

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