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“The Manuscripts of Timbuktu” showing at Pan African Film Festival

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

All but forgotten by the West, the life of powerful Black icon and one of Africa’s greatest scholars, Ahmed Baba, is examined in the context of his life in Timbuktu along with the thousands of remarkable manuscripts of Timbuktu. Once a center of world scholarship and learning, Timbuktu was at the crossroad of trade and ideas. Hundred of universities, run by scholarly families, hosted students from the world over. None, however were held in higher esteem than Ahmed Baba. Beautifully shot on location in Timbuktu, this dramatization of the life of Ahmed Baba bring to the fore his revolutionary and unwaivering attitude as well as his written works, an inspiration to all. Stars Eriq Ebouaney (“Lumumba”).

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