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Cfp: Navigating northwest Africa: towards an analysis of Saharan connectivity?

Saturday, March 1st, 2008

This workshop aims to rethink the history of North and West Africa both ‘from the bottom up’ and ‘from the inside out’, taking as its focus the Sahara as a shared environment of social, cultural and political interaction at the centre of a region that has been historically, and remains today, characterised by multiple and enduring connections and commonalities. Can we see the desert, and the regions connected by it, as a dynamic ‘shared world’ of human history and change? Might this provide a framework for rethinking research agendas for North and West Africa, and for revitalising our view of the Sahara? Contributions are invited from scholars whose subject matter has led them to open up questions about northwest African connections and mutual influences, in both the past and the present.

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