Call for Applications (Postdoctoral Fellowship): Critical Approaches to Politics, Social Activism and Islamic Militancy the Western Saharan Region

Friday, March 3rd, 2017

CAPSAHARA proposes an analysis of the reconfigurations established in the socio-political vocabulary of the western Saharan region from the “post-empire” to the contemporary period. The project should produce an analysis of the social and political structures shared in the region, of the local variations of those structures (based on case studies), their specific configurations based on social markers such as gender, age, and class; in order to understand the recent articulation of the region’s social and political structures with broader and often exogenous political vocabularies. The project’s results should enable the different contexts under study to be integrated into the wider maps of current scientific research, providing, at the same time a dissemination of its outputs to an extended audience. The project is methodologically based on readings associated with different social sciences, with a particular focus on anthropology.

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PhD Scholarship in African Studies at the University of Birmingham: Arabic Sources for West African History, West African Manuscripts in the British Library

Wednesday, November 6th, 2013

The Department of African Studies and Anthropology at the University of Birmingham (incorporating the Centre of West African Studies) and the British Library are pleased to announce a three-year studentship for students commencing their MPhil/PhD in African Studies in September 2014. The studentship is attached to an AHRC funded Collaborative Doctoral Partnership awarded to the British Library for research and cataloguing related to its collection of West African Arabic manuscripts and its forthcoming exhibition: ‘West Africa: Cultures of the Word’. The successful applicant will receive (at UK/EU rate) full tuition fees and maintenance funding (which was £13,726 for 2013/14, increasing annually), plus associated expenses (£550 yearly maintenance payment from AHRC; up to £1,000 per annum from the British Library to cover travel and related costs).

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Call for Applications: Saharan Crossroads Fellowship — Extended Deadline (August 15)

Friday, July 20th, 2012

Saharan Crossroads seeks to counter the conceptual divide separating North and sub-Saharan Africa and the tendency to view the Sahara Desert as an impenetrable barrier dividing the continent into the northern “white” and sub-Saharan “black” Africa. Countries to the north often find themselves placed in Mediterranean, Islamic, and Middle Eastern studies with little consideration of cultural, historical, or artistic contact with sub-Saharan countries, which are often considered more authentically “African.” Despite trans-Saharan cultural contact spanning centuries, this inaccurate perception of Africa as two distinct zones separated by an empty wasteland of desert continues to influence the way people think about this region and the continent as a whole.

American , North African and West African Scholars interested in conducting research in any part of North or West Africa concerning Saharan Crossroads are encouraged to apply for short-term fellowships (up to three months) for awards up to 3,000 USD. US scholars flying from the United States will receive an additional travel stipend. Applicants may be students, senior or independent scholars who hold at least a Master’s Degree.

Research must be completed before Dec 31, 2013.
Proposals must include a curriculum vita, a five-page proposal, and a budget.
Applications should be submitted by August 15, 2012.
Awards will be announced by Oct 1, 2012.

Information is online at: http://www.bu.edu/wara/prog/saharan-crossroads/

Application is available at: http://fs9.formsite.com/westafricanresearchassociation/form7/index.html

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